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The J. Paul Story

So how did J. Paul come to be?  It might best be introduced by a very wise man’s words:

"Have you got a problem? Do what you can... where you are... with what you've got"
Theodore Roosevelt

It’s likely this famous President’s quote wasn’t the first thing that came to Paul Looney’s mind on a hot summer’s day in New Orleans over a decade ago.  But finding a quick solution to a not-so-uncommon problem was necessary, and he had only a few minutes to do so.  On vacation with his wife to attend a friend’s wedding, Paul was running late.  As he picked up his razor, he noticed he had run out of shaving cream. Paul scanned the contents of the counter.  Perfume, makeup, a curling iron and toothpaste… but no shaving cream.  He considered skipping the shave, but it had been more than twenty-four hours, and his thick, coarse five-o-clock shadow wouldn’t cut it at the formal wedding.  In a panic, he ran to the shower to find only the bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  He picked up the conditioner, rushed to the mirror and slathered it on his face.  Minutes later, crisis averted, Paul and his wife headed to the ceremony – on time.

Ironically, that miniscule event in Paul’s life would change everything.  He noticed later that New Orleans night that his normally dry, sensitive skin felt, well, nice.  There was none of the usual razor burn.  No red bumps, nicks or irritation, and his shave felt incredibly close.  His wife even commented on the smoothness.  That night, an idea – or rather – a solution was born.  When Paul and his wife returned home, he got to work “concocting” the perfect shave cream, mixing oils, conditioners, lotions and aloes.  He knew what he wanted, and he also knew that most of his business associates, friends and family members would welcome a product that solved so many of their shaving dilemmas.

As it often does, life – work, family, commitments – kept Paul from diving head-first into developing what he knew was a necessary addition to the men’s skincare world, but he never forgot.  And a few years later, after passionately discussing the idea with his life-long friend, Paul Strong, the two decided to go full steam ahead.  Both now independent business owners, they knew the importance of quality.  This product must truly provide solutions to age-old problems, it must be multi-functional and simple to use, and it must be the best.  After two years of exhaustive research, trial and error, and countless hours with a renowned chemist, they had their dream shaving cream.  It was time to bring it to all the men suffering the same annoyances they had for so many years.  It was time for J. Paul.

Today, men are more aware of the importance of skincare, but that doesn’t mean they want to spend hours devoted to it.  J. Paul created their specialized line of products with this in mind.  Quality without the 10-step process.  Unlike the cheap detergent and chemical-filled shaving foams and harsh aftershaves we inherited from our fathers, J. Paul products are fortified with the finest ingredients, like jojoba, aloe vera, vitamin E, and other fine oils that help protect and moisturize your skin.

From New Orleans and a dollop of hair conditioner to the market introduction of J. Paul, co-founders Paul Looney and Paul Strong have worked tirelessly to bring all men what they’ve deserved for so long:  multi-functional products that protect and leave your skin hydrated, smooth and youthful. 

We hope you enjoy our products.

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