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The J. Paul Brand

J. Paul is a developer of advanced shaving and skin-care products designed exclusively for men. Since our launch in 2011, J. Paul has grown to sell its products at high-end retailers, including select Nordstrom and Macy’s, along with over 50 high-end men’s boutiques. We initially launched with a men’s line of core products that included a shaving cream, face scrub, aftershave, moisturizer and a body wash but has now grown to include an anti-aging line. All of our products are designed to address very specific skin or shaving problems.

Our anti-aging line has gone through an independent study with the Beauty Company, one of the most reputable product testing companies in the United States. Our three anti-aging products were tested on men over a 30-day period and we invite you to review those results here at our website. We have also included photographs from the study and additional pictures sent in by customers.

All J. Paul products have been developed in conjunction with a team of certified chemists from reputable labs in both Houston and Dallas, Texas that include Loesch Laboratories and Cosmetic Labs respectively. We believe the use of key ingredients that include amino acids, jojoba, vitamins, fine oils and various manufacturing techniques and a patented “lyposomal delivery system” for our anti-aging products sets us apart from all of our competitors. These ingredients help penetrate deep beneath the skin to help damaged skin cells, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and produce healthier looking skin.

Unfortunately, the products that most men use today are nothing more than cheap detergents, soaps and chemicals that lack essential ingredients that are needed to help fortify and protect your skin. Companies will say nearly anything to get you to buy their products. The problem is that most men aren’t educated on what is good for them and what they should buy. J. Paul hopes to change that! We hope that you find our website helpful and informative so that you can gain a better understanding of how skincare products work and why they work. Thank you for supporting J. Paul.

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