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Product Development

All J.Paul products are developed in Houston, Texas. In conjunction with a Houston manufacturing company, J.Paul developed 5 initial products: pre-shave, shave cream, aftershave, face/body lotion and a body wash. By combining natural ingredients with fine oils and fragrances, J. Paul has developed some of the best men's skincare products on the market today.

Using an intensive manufacturing processes known as "suspension" to develop its signature shave cream, the process requires mixing ingredients and properties that typically do not mix well together -- such as oil and lotion -- to become a single unified product. From having to mix ingredients in a very diligent and patient manner and by using simple gravity to mix those ingredients, the result is a shave cream that is far superior to those found on the market today.

Although J.Paul currently offers one shave cream, we are developing and planning our next round of shave creams that will address a wide-range of shaving needs, for those individuals that have oily, normal or very dry skin. We are also working to develop several new face and body lotions.

J. Paul is committed to continually working hand in hand with its manufacturers in the laboratory to provide you with some of the most innovative men's skin care products. You can be sure that if J.Paul believes there is a need not being addressed today in the men's skin care market, we will work to bring you those products that provide solutions for all of your skincare needs.

Check back with J.Paul regularly as we continue to bring you new products.

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